EU Activities & Memberships

EU Activities & Memberships

Standardization – a key step in investment protection

As a transit country, Germany has one of the world's most advanced toll collection systems. Implementing this technology in other countries, particularly in the EU, requires standardization. In this respect, investment protection and interoperability both play a key role. 

On a national and European level, Satellic is directly involved in various committees, research groups and organizations.

In addition to the Deutsches Verkehrsforum Steering Committee on Road Traffic, Satellic is active with the German industry association BITKOM in the following areas:


  • Telematics dialog and research group for applications and value-added benefits
  • Telematics & navigation dialogue group and control board
  • Intelligent traffic management



Satellic participates in the evaluation and development of new core technologies such as EGNOS and Galileo as a future basis for existing and new toll collection and telematics solutions. This leads to a variety of research and standardization activities.


The fact that the standards developed for interoperable toll collection can be put into practice was demonstrated for six European countries in the scope of the RCI project. This led to an important milestone that resulted in the European Commission's decision in favor of interoperable toll collection.


On a European level, Satellic participates in eSafety and other projects aimed at improving mobility and safety on European roads.

Intelligent transport systems in conjunction with value-added services represent another European theme in which Satellic cooperates with national authorities and enterprises.
Innovations and standards will remain key components within the scope of Satellic activities. Along these lines, the company will continue to focus on environmental protection, mobility, energy efficiency and other issues in order to develop innovations and advance new standards.