Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

The T-Systems' unit Satellic Traffic Management is a global technology system integrator for the setup and operation of progressive toll and traffic management systems. The company, which was founded in 2005, has its headquarters in Berlin.

German traffic technology is one of the top export goods of the biggest European economy: T-Systems has bundled state-of-the-art ICT know-how in this field centrally in Satellic.


Satellic advises governments, companies and associations and is breaking new ground, together with industrial partners on site, in the implementation of traffic and telematic infrastructure projects. The company develops new concepts for financing, traffic management and for emissions protection. Its focus is on Western Europe and the boom regions of Asia/Pacific, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. In all up and coming economies, investments of billions of Euros are lined up for improving the traffic infrastructure, such as establishing and expanding motorway networks and traffic management systems.

Being wholly-owned by Deutsche Telekom, Satellic has access both to operational units around the globe and to German high technology, patents and the international research networks of the Group. There are currently 60 computer scientists, physicists and traffic scientists working for Satellic.


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With a global infrastructure of computer centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communications technology (ICT) for multinational corporations and public institutions. On this basis, Deutsche Telekom’s corporate-customer unit offers integrated solutions for the connected future of business and society. Some 46,000 employees combine industry expertise and ICT innovations to add noticeable value to their customers’ core business all over the world. T-Systems generated revenue of around EUR 11 billion in the 2008 financial year.