Each account has a balance which represent the accounted credit and debit entries.


Billing controls the monetary processes in the toll system.

Black List

A list of vehicles the enforcement units are supposed to report regardless of the participation in the Toll scheme.

Block Limit

The maximum value of Onboard Account. (For registered road user only.)

Booking System

A technical system that issues booking tickets either automatically (Automatic Booking System) or on user request (Declarative system).

Broadcast Service (BS)

A communication service that allows to submit the same content from one sender to multiple recipients (typically without acknowledges). Messages might be broadcasted in a restricted geographical area and/or to only a subset of subscribers. Typical broadcast services are RDS or SMSCB. Also known as point-to-multipoint communication (as opposed to point-to-point communication.

Business Interface (BI)

An interface of an enterprise to external parties, defined contractual (e.g. SLAs, bonus malus system, etc.) and technical (data format, protocols, etc.) aspects. In large organisations interfaces between different organisational units (OUs) can also be implemented as business interfaces.