A booking within the declarative scheme could become void by cancellation, it is a return to 'status quo ante'

Cancellation Receipt

Like the ticket as a receipt for booking within the declarative scheme the cancellation is proven with a receipt

Card Management (CaM)

Sub component of Card & Communication Management System, responsible for SCC and SIM Management.


Card & Communication Management


Charge Data Record

Cellular Network (CN)

A public accessible cell based radio network typically used for mobile telephony and data services implementing standards like GSM or UMTS.

Central Personalisation

The item is personalised by a secure process originated and controlled by a central instance (e.g. by personalising and mailing a SAM, transmitting data under controlled conditions to a POS, etc.). The data quality of the personalisation data is verified centrally.

Charge Data Record (CDR)

A data record used by the charging system to create and found debts. CDRs are typically derived from rated TDRs by combining them and stripping off commercially irrelevant information. A Charge Data Record represents a part of a journey of a particular vehicle and for a particular period of time. A Charge Data Record forms the basis for the creation of an acknowledgement to the Road User (invoice ...).

Charge Object

see Toll Object


Collecting a fee. The responsibility for levying toll results in claiming payment.


The accounting of incoming payments (including the mapping to open or billed/invoiced claims).

Confidence Level

Probability that measurements are located within a certain interval defined by standard deviation sigma and a multiplication factor of sigma.

Contract Account Balance

After each booking on the contract account the Contract Account Balance is changed.

Contract Issuer (CI)

The CI issues the service rights to the Service User administers customer and vehicle data is responsible to make the OBU/OBE available to the customer and organises payment to the ETC Operators. In real life an ETC operator can be contract issuer as well.

Cordon Charging

A tolling scheme that establishes fees for the crossing of an area circumference (cordon).


A corridor is defined as a road, or a group of parallel roads with a centreline and of fixed width. Note that a corridor refers to a specific set of roads and not the area within the corridor boundaries.

Credit Limit

The credit limit is granted by payment issuer to a road user for the used means of payment. The Credit Limit is used to derive the drawing limit.


Financial characteristic of a person or legal entity which is the basis for allowing a credit.


Managing the business relationship (processes, organisational units and systems) with customers.