The act of transferring money before or after using a service (or receiving a product).

Payment Notification

The result of a successful registration of a payment. It is a technical means used for initiation of subsequent process steps, e.g. bookings in the financial accounting. In addition the payment notification is the basis for confirmation of payment to the road user.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

The organisation that collects the money from the Road User and handles the payment of services (e.g. credit or fuel card companies banks) (Related to Payment Means Issuer - PMI)

Penalty Charge Notice

Notice issued to a defaulting road user to charge him for the known violation of the ETC scheme.


The act of making an entity (uniquely) distinguishable. For OBUs (and for other field equipment) we differentiate trivial, virtual and strict personalisation.


Phase-locked loop is a closed-loop feedback control system that generates and outputs a signal in relation to the phase of an input signal.

Point of Sales (POS)

A brick-and-mortar location where users can do bookings and/or other CRM touch points (like registrations, invoice payment, OBU pick-up/return, OBU ordering, complaints, information, etc.). POS might be operated by partners running the infrastructure anyhow and might be manned or unmanned (automatic ticketing machines).

Portable Enforcement

Enforcement by portable equipment which can either be mounted at prepared sites (comparable to stationary case) or everywhere (comparable to speed traps).

POS Booking

Booking at a Point of Service (POS) that can be automatic vending machines or hand-operated cashier systems typically operated by POS partners. Unlike other booking accesses POS typically accept cash money.


Process for calculation of position out of GNSS data.


Way of paying Toll after having used the Toll Road.


An accounting system in which users have a certain credit and might pay after using a service (i.e. after receiving an invoice). Usually requires registered (or at least identifiable, e.g. by licence plate number) users with sufficient creditworthiness. Note that post-payment schemes are not identical to collection schemes.


An accounting system in which users have to charge up a deposit prior using a service. Usually used for anonymous (unregistered) users or users with low creditworthiness. Note that pre-payment schemes are not identical to booking or anonymous schemes.


The organisation or legal entity which is giving or defining the right of collecting toll. In legal terms the Principal can also be considered as the primary seller of the service. Related to "Owner of sovereign rights" OSR.