Value Added Service (VAS)

Value added service (VAS) is a service (typically but not necessarily generating revenue) that is not part of the business core (in our case levying toll). VAS can be offered by a toll operator to toll users, the principal or third parties.

Vehicle Characteristics

Certain vehicle related features, which form the basis for the calculation of the toll. Examples: Number of axles or maximum weight, road user type.

Vehicle Class

Grouping of some vehicle characteristics. The Vehicle Class is used in the Tariff Model.

Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)

Vehicle Registration Mark the official term for the number on a vehicle registration plate (number plate) sometimes called LPN - Licence plate number or Number Plate.


See 'Toll Dodger'

Virtual Gate

A method to generate toll events by detecting the vehicle’s passage of a certain cross section (typically a window of a given diameter perpendicular to a street segment). This is accomplished by comparing the vehicles position (from GNSS measurements) with a geometrical coordinate model of the virtual gate. Typically also the crossing angle is taken into account (e.g. as direction of passage).

Virtual Personalisation

The personalised item itself is not imprinted with additional data, but the personalisation information is related to the trivially personalised item (i.e. carrying a unique ID) by a central database.


A voucher in the ETC system is a certificate which is worth a certain monetary value and which can only be spent for toll.