Nation-wide Road Charging

Nation-wide Road Charging

World's first satellite-based toll system

Traffic systems are changing all over the world. Toll systems help efficiently manage traffic and keep roads safe. The telematics platform developed by the T-Systems' unit Satellic Traffic Management makes it possible to implement flexible road toll solutions based on free-flow-systems that can be easily adapted to national requirements. In several different projects, Satellic has demonstrated the smooth and effective operation of satellite-based toll collection.

As the traffic volume in Europe continues to raise, congestion and accidents increase. This results in growing demands on intelligent telematics systems. The number of privately owned vehicles is expected to increase 35 % by the year 2020  (Origin). Figures for heavy goods vehicle traffic are expected to double. Consequently, a primary goal is to secure long-term mobility.  











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Thanks to its advanced, modular telematics platform, Satellic is an ideal partner when it comes to meeting the needs of customers today and in the future. Depending on a country's specific needs, Satellic is in a position to provide guidance, plan, develop and operate the following:  

  • GNSS/GSM-based
  • DSRC-based systems 
  • Log-on systems (vignette).

The company's success is confirmed by the Satellic references including, Toll Collect in Germany and DUKE in the UK.   

Toll Collect

  • Tried and tested satellite-based truck toll system in Germany with more than 640.000  On-Board Units (OBU) currently in operation
  • Maximum reliability and system availability
  • Expansion of the toll route network is flexible and can be achieved on short notice
  • Contracting authority and end customers are satisfied.


  • Toll collection on a network covering 300.000 km
  • Configuration, development and operation of OBU and back office system
  • System integration, testing and service performance analysis.

One investment, one platform, many possibilities now and in the future.

Satellic’s Telematics-Platform provides an effective transport management tool delivering a range of techniques to better manage transport networks, raise revenue through optimized road tolling services and reduce the environmental impact of road traffic.

In addition to the nationwide tolling scheme including the world’s largest satellite-based truck toll system in Germany, Satellic also provides a range of different solutions for urban mobility and active environmental protection. These include city-toll systems, applications such as electronic tracking and tracing and the emission modeling system (EMS).


The current solutions provided by Satellic, based on the company's new Telematics-Platform, allow the implementation of flexible, highly-adaptable toll solutions and value-added services.

Satellic’s platform:
… is an integrated platform,
… is a modular and open platform,

… is based on standard software and open interfaces and guarantees complete

     compatibility with existing and future GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite navigation


The solution makes optimal use of commercial off-the-shelf software and its open architecture enables ease of integration with existing systems to provide a unified approach to service delivery.













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