New Product Innovation Award

New Product Innovation Award

Excellent toll solution

The next generation toll solution developed by the T-Systems' unit Satellic Traffic Management not only achieved high marks in terms of customer satisfaction, it also was awarded the “New Product Innovation Award.”



After introducing the toll system for trucks in Germany, T-Systems concentrated its toll know-how in a specialized unit Satellic Traffic Management, which continues the development and marketing of next generation toll solutions. Among these, there is the innovative next generation toll software that was designed by Satellic in cooperation with the Systems Integration unit.


In the UK, T-Systems together with Satellic introduced the solution during a demonstration project for the British Department of Transport.


Highest customer satisfaction

The system was implemented on a road network with a total length of 200,000 kilometers – and immediately achieved highest customer satisfaction. "Our focus is always on implementing the best possible solution for the customer. During the project in the UK, we have shown that our next generation solution can be fully implemented and thus managed to prove our expertise in implementing and operating toll systems," explains Mirka Tikvicki, Head of Sales of Satellic Traffic Management.


Award for cutting edge technology

That Satellic Traffic Management has taken the right path was proven by the "Product Innovation Award" granted to Satellic in the "Electronic Toll Charge" segment. This award is given annually by the international consulting company Frost & Sullivan to companies with innovative products and cutting edge technologies.


Mirka Tikvicki, Head of Sales of Satellic Traffic Management accepts the award from Dorman Followill, Frost & Sullivan.


A core piece of the next generation toll solution by Satellic Traffic Management is an innovative software that contains the so-called map matching process. In this process, the onboard unit of the vehicle accesses standard map material that is always up to date. Road segments with a bad satellite reception, for example between very tall buildings, can thus be bridged more easily. Another advantage of this next generation toll solution of Satellic Traffic Management is its easy portability such as to regular smart phones or to the already existing vehicle Telematics solutions. In addition, part of the software can also be used for other innovative Telematics applications – for example, to optimize logistics processes such as capacity management or tracking & tracing. The emissions issued by a vehicle can also be measured and evaluated in this manner.