End-to-end road pricing for 300.000 km.

Traffic technology is one of the top export goods of the biggest European economy:

T-Systems has bundled state-of-the-art ICT know-how in this field centrally in Satellic.
The UK Road Pricing Demonstrations Project is a 2½ year research program set up by the Department for Transport. The project’s objective is to evaluate how road pricing by time, distance and place (TDP) might be operated reliably, accurately and affordably, whilst safeguarding privacy.

The project implements TDP road pricing on 300.000 km of roads in England and Wales, with pricing based on Distance plus many other attributes: Road User class, vehicle / emission class, road type (motorways, A-, B- and other roads) and time periods.

Charging may also be based on events to demonstrate effective implementation of city congestion-charging schemes and for use of road infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and concession motorways.

T-Systems and Satellic are fully responsible for the delivery of the end-to-end road pricing service. Specifically, this includes:


  • Project management
  • Road User recruitment and management
  • Back office system configuration, delivery and operation
  • OBU hardware procurement
  • System integration and testing
  • Contact centre
  • Business process implementation and management
  • Service-performance-management and self-assurance
  • Expert consulting learning assignments


Our solution
The system architecture focuses strongly on the protection of perceived Road User Privacy. It is based on the ‘smart client’ principle, where all charge calculation is completed in the vehicle’s OBU, thus avoiding the flow of sensitive, personal (movement-) data since only charging data is sent from the OBU to the central system.

Results & recommendations
T-Systems and its unit Satellic Traffic Management were the first Road User Service Providers in this project to successfully pass the Ready for Service test and launched their initial service contract operations on February 23, 2009.

A comprehensive process for testing and analyzing service performance and capturing Road User response has been implemented. This includes regular online questionnaires focusing on specific subjects and areas of concern.